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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Oct 4, 2019

When eating out in Orange Beach, AL, southern classics like fried gulf shrimp, fish, and oysters will always hold a special place in every beach goer's heart.

But to settle for fried only leaves a lot of incredible food on the table.

In an agricultural and aquacultural hotbed like Orange Beach, chefs like David Pan have been cultivating coastal culinary excellence by bringing fresh ingredients, fresh events, and fresh food concepts together.

In this episode, David shares his unique approaches to sourcing better ingredients, dissects the changing culinary atmosphere, and dives into the area's rich festival scene.


In this extended bonus episode, Andy sits down with serial restaurateur, Johnny Fisher.

Providing a whole new perspective as an owner, leader, and businessman, Johnny shares both big picture and day-to-day tactical insights on running and growing a successful beach restaurant, attracting world-renown chefs through culinary events, and creating a thriving team in an industry known for it's hard lifestyle. 

This bonus episode provides a full 360 view of the evolution of Orange Beach's culinary boom.

You can follow guests from this episode and their restaurants on instagram and online at:

David Pan: @chefstableoba, @orangebeachconcierge;

Johnny Fisher: @FishersOBA & @playaoba

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