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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Nov 30, 2021

Who watches over the seafood-rich waters of South Alabama? Meet Colonel Scott Bannon, the man who polices the seas - though at EATYALL Chef Camp, the nickname “Andy Griffith” caught on for good reason: Scott knows and cares about the people who fish under his protection.

In part 2 of our 4-episode seafood series from EATYALL Chef Camp, Scott offers his unique perspective on the seafood industry: the hard work of his Marine Resources Division, the gear and grit behind fishing and shrimping, and his unforgettable first taste of seafood in the Coast Guard. Tune in and give kudos to Scott and Andy: they pulled off this episode while surrounded by freshly cooked seafood! 

Protecting The Water And Wildlife of South Alabama

Colonel, Director, Seafoodie. Having served with Alabama’s Marine Resources Division since the 1990’s, Scott is in charge of every vessel across 1,300 square miles - but the community is just as important to him as his duties. Listen as he breaks down his daily tasks, and praises the enforcement officers and scientists who monitor and protect the local seafood industry. 

Fishing And Shrimping 101. Scott asserts that no one works harder than the seafood industry, and it’s tough to argue. From million dollar boats and gear to spending a month or more at sea, Scott highlights the commercial fishermen who toil to process and deliver fresh seafood to your local market.

A Career At Sea. Growing up in Appalachian Kentucky, Scott had never tried seafood until he joined the Coast Guard - but after his first fish taco, he’s been hooked ever since. Hear Scott muse about his favorite seafood experiences, from enjoying oyster po boys washed down with sweet tea, to looking after the South Alabama waters and the people there who catch, eat, sell, and cook seafood.

Andy joked that he made it through a whole interview with a law enforcement officer without being cuffed! But despite his title, Scott sees his role as a calling, not a job. Soak up more of his humble outlook in today’s podcast, and watch for upcoming episodes from EATYALL Chef Camp for more of what Scott calls the greatness of South Alabama.

Today’s Guest 

Scott Bannon, Marine Resources Division Director -

Since his childhood in Louisville, Kentucky, Scott Bannon has served as a policeman and conservation enforcement officer, before joining the Coast Guard and achieving the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. Since 2017, Scott has served as Director of Alabama’s Marine Resources Division - managing the professionals and resources that sustain South Alabama’s seafood industry.  

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