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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Aug 1, 2019

In this episode, Angel Lanier-White, the Event Coordinator at Eat Y’all, dishes on participating chefs for the 5th Annual Sweetest Chefs pastry chef showcase event coming up on September 9 in Ridgeland, MS. Find out who’ll be on the Demo Stage, which pastry chef favorites are returning to the showcase - and which new chefs you’ll want to meet! 

Sweetest Chefs is an Eat Y’all signature event held each fall to showcase the outstanding creativity and talent of the South’s top pastry chefs as well as the producers they utilize in their creations. This one night food festival features a popular demo stage, tastings, live entertainment, wine, beer and spirit tastings and much more. For more information and tickets, visit 

The Eat Y’all Podcast is hosted by Andy Chapman, Chief Relationship Officer and founder of Eat Y’all. Eat Y’all serves as an advisor and referral resource to food farmers and artisan food makers to help them connect to chefs who are looking for better ingredients. Eat Y’all is the creator and host of Eat Y’all Chef Camps, an immersive, overnight experience for professional chefs who want to learn more about where their ingredients come from, want to discover new, better ingredients and rejuvenate in a collaborative environment with other like-minded chefs. To learn more about Eat Y’all or to get involved, visit