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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Dec 13, 2019

After two and a half years of sourcing, planning, and experimenting with recipes, Rob Forster, Chand Harlow, and Thomas Alexander had developed a gin they loved.

But one question remained: If we distill it...will it sell?

With the major overhead costs that producers have to cover, that question is one that makes or breaks a business. In their case though, by the time they came to that question they believed with certainty that what they had made was bound to sell.

How could they be so sure? On this episode, co-founders Rob and Chand pull back the curtain and share all that went into their launch, and explain the method behind their certainty.

Chand and Rob recount their journey from corporate America back to their southern roots and going from an idea to successfully launching a distillery outside of Oxford MS.

The co-founders share their approach to recipe development and sourcing both locally and internationally while maintaining consistent quality, as well as how they leveraged local connections to launch their gin.

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