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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Sep 26, 2019

Andy heads down to the Gulf Coast to talk with several of the chefs responsible for reinventing the coastal culinary scene.

10 years ago, the area was predominately known only for "standard" resort foods and fried seafood. Today, Orange Beach boasts a list of outstanding restaurants and food festivals that are drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists to the area, along with award-winning chefs.

In this episode, Andy sits down with two of the chefs responsible for helping to transform Orange Beach's food scene, Bill Briande, and Brody Olive.

Both chefs deliver real insight into how their commitment to intentionally sourcing from trusted and local farmers and producers has opened the door for them to create the kind of dishes and guest experiences that bring tourists back each year and score them James Beard Nominations.

Each chef shares their perspectives on what factors have influenced the area's culinary renaissance that any chef looking to reinvent their local scene should be taking notes on to apply for themselves.

Throughout the episode, Bill and Brody deliver wisdom and examples outlining their approach to kitchen leadership and creating a culture of constant culinary excellence, creativity, and growth that empowers young chefs to discover and grow in their unique styles.

If you're a chef or food producer, you'll want to keep a pen and paper nearby for this one, because you'll be jotting down new ideas every minute!

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