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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Dec 5, 2019

The state of the dairy industry is fragile, if not grim. After years of selling milk at prices below production cost, hundreds of family farms are selling out, many ending farming legacies going back for generations.

But not Mattingly Farms in Austin KY. 

In the midst of a struggling industry, Mattingly Farms is growing thanks to a key decision made by Kenny Mattingly back in 1991. The decision to make cheese.

In this episode, Andy and Kenny of Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese and Mattingly Farms, discuss how a spark of inspiration from post-communist farms in Holland led to reviving, sustaining, and growing Kenny’s family’s farm by generating demand for his own milk through value-add products.

Full of inspiration and advice for farmers looking to create sustainable futures for their farms, and for chefs interested in partnering with local farmers, Kenny’s journey as an entrepreneurial family farmer will not disappoint.

Learn more about Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese and the 26 different types of cheese they offer chefs and consumers online at and follow them on social media at @Kennyscheese and @MattinglyFarmsky.

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