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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Sep 12, 2019

In this episode, Andy is back at Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Kentucky and talks with three outstanding chefs as they slice off a hunk of their experience at Eat Y'all's Beef Chef Camp.

At the top of the episode, Andy talks with Luke Hawke about Luke's vision to revolutionize the culinary scene in Huntsville, AL. Luke how seeing a large animal breakdown at the University of Kentucky Meat Cutting School was a dream come true and brings it full circle by explaining how what he learned influences how he runs his restaurants.

Later, Justin Thomas, the Chef who has proudly bastardized white table cloth dining, discusses how his restaurant, Local Feed, is flipping fine dining on its head. You can hear how he's made fine dining accessible to consumers while using the restaurant to empower up and coming chefs.

Last but not least, Andy sits down with Chef Will Lacey, who looks back at this journey from line cook at a bar to becoming the owner and executive chef at Driftwood Pantry in Charleston, SC. Will shares some of the greatest takeaways from his time learning the science behind making bourbon and the art of beef cutting at Eat Y'all Chef Camp. Plus, Andy and Will share the #1 secret to making a "well-done" steak eater fall in love with a medium-rare steak.

No excess fat or gristle on this one, only 100% Grade A culinary conversation.

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