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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Sep 6, 2019

In the first segment, Andy talks with Food Network star and Kentucky-born chef, Damaris Phillips. They talk about Damaris’s first Eat Y’all Chef Camp experience, touching on some of the highlights that have made a lasting impact on her. 

Along the way, chefs and consumers alike will gain a deeper appreciation for great, local meat after Damaris shares her unique perspective on beef that she developed after marrying a vegan. Having grown up in Kentucky, she explains how and why Kentucky of all places is making its mark and becoming a rich culinary hotspot. 

The second segment is for every chef itching to make their own unique mark in the culinary world, as Paco Garcia Executive Chef of Foko Restaurant in Lousiville, Kentucky, shares about his new venture launching a restaurant at age 26 after starting as a dishwasher only 9 years ago.

Listeners will also hear about Paco's unique passion for Mexican-Southern fusion cuisine, how “play” is at the center of his menu, and why he has a whole new appreciation for meat after attending Eat Y’all Chef Camp.

You can follow Damaris and Paco on Instagram at @chefdphillips and @chefpaco_garcia.

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Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Kentucky Was Sponsored By


The Kentucky Beef Council is an organization working for the cattle producers of Kentucky in areas of promotion, education, and research with new efforts focusing on promotion of value-added, fully cooked beef products designed to meet today’s consumers’ needs of quick, convenient meals. Located in Lexington, the KBC supports producers and consumers through programs including nutrition education for health professionals, education kits for students; efforts to work with foodservice proprietors to increase beef demand; and partnerships with retailers to make shopping for beef easier.

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The Eat Y’all Podcast is hosted by Andy Chapman, Chief Relationship Officer and founder of Eat Y’all. Eat Y’all serves as an advisor and referral resource to food farmers and artisan food makers to help them connect to chefs who are looking for better ingredients. Eat Y’all is the creator and host of Eat Y’all Chef Camps, an immersive, overnight experience for professional chefs who want to learn more about where their ingredients come from, want to discover new, better ingredients and rejuvenate in a collaborative environment with other like-minded chefs. To learn more about Eat Y’all or to get involved, visit