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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Sep 7, 2021

In this episode, you’ll learn how Hallstead Farms & Meats grows beef for the global beef supply chain while also operating a local freezer beef business. We're touring and recording at Hallstead Farms & Meats farm property near Georgetown, Kentucky with Chefs with local chefs, Johnny Streetman and Justin Thompson as well as Katelyn Hawkins from the Kentucky Beef Council. 

Farmer Amanda Hall will share how her family transformed their property with an innovative layout that transformed their 220 acres into a string of connected pastures and water sources that support an aggressive rotational grazing program. The way their land use supports optimal animal health and responsible land use is sure to impress you! 

If you’re wondering what goes into raising beef that most typically ends up on the plate in your restaurant or home, this episode is for you. You’ll hear what family farms look like that make up the “beef industry.” 

From the grasses they grow and rotational grazing patterns to animal and land management and from genetics to cattle breeds, Amanda Hall knows it all. Plus, you’ll notice the importance of docile cattle in their operation and how they farm with their young daughter Charli in tow. 

Finally, you’ll hear a refrain from Episode 46 where we introduced the Beef Quality Assurance program, a national program that raises consumer confidence by certifying beef producers in proper management techniques and a commitment to quality in every phase of beef production. In this episode we’ll learn more about how BQA provides a framework for this family farm to produce safe, top quality beef.


Link to Episode 46 re: Beef Quality Assurance

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