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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Mar 9, 2021

In episode #40 of the EATYALL Podcast, Andy Chapman visits with Chefs Tonya Mays and Chef Brittany Garrigus-Cheatham. After hearing the origin stories that sent these two culinary champs into the kitchen as professional chefs. Brittany and Tonya  share how their worlds have changed in the last year but also how they are adapting and implementing new plans for 2021. They also share about how they used the Georgia pecans they received in the first round of EATYALL Chef Care Packages that we sent late last year and how this sampling program can impact chefs. 

Finally, we have one of the best Lightning Rounds ever in the history of the EATYALL Podcast rounded out when Brittany and Tonya share some big plans for 2021. 

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The EATYALL Podcast is hosted by Andy Chapman, CEO and founder of EATYALL. EATYALL provides training & culinary support to the global community of chefs on behalf of food farmers and producers, so they can achieve generational sustainability, chefs can serve award-winning food and consumers can access healthier food options.