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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Sep 19, 2019

In this episode, Andy sits down with chefs during an Eat Y'all Chef Camp in Virginia.

To kick things off, Chef Ender Oktayren discusses the culinary journey that took him to Chicago and has now brought him back home to Virginia where he has launched a food truck. This food truck, however, differs from almost every other one out there, and Ender explains the reasons behind this unique, locally rooted concept.

Chef Melisande Colomb explains what brought her back into the culinary industry to attend Eat Y'all Chef Camp, and discusses her roots as a chef growing up in a culinary family in New Orleans. Her conversation drips with the sort of rich descriptions, appreciation for great food, and a love for bringing people together that can only come from New Orleans.

To round out the episode, Jeff Sizer details his career path from college dropout to running a five-star mega hotel kitchen in Manhattan, to now owning two restaurants. Through his discussion, Jeff talks about the rich experience that returning to simple dishes and concepts provide, and shares how his view of success has changed as he has accomplished more and more.

Throughout each of the three conversations, the chefs dish out highlights from Eat Y'all Chef camp that every producer and chef looking to grow and innovate won't want to miss. 

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