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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Dec 7, 2021

Being a chef is a challenging, rewarding job - why does a person choose it as a profession, and how has Covid affected chefs today? Friends and fellow chefs Jim Thomson and Patrick Horn take time during EATYALL’s Chef Camp to name the family and foods that guided their careers, and discuss how the pandemic has affected their corner of the food industry.

In episode 3 of a 4-part seafood series at EATYALL Chef Camp, Andy invites Jim and Patrick to spill their shared cooking history, list the goods and ingredients they miss during Covid supply shortages, and try a different kind of grilling: answering lightning round questions! Listen in on this chef chat - it’s more fun than you can shuck an oyster at.

Being A Seafood Chef In The Time Of Covid

Early Days In The Kitchen. From Patrick mentoring Jim years ago at Satterfield’s Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, to reminiscing at 2021 Eatyall Chef Camp, both chefs have formed a lasting friendship over their shared passion for seafood, which began as kids when the “chicken” their parents gave them was actually shrimp and frog legs!

Two Chefs Walk Into A Chef Camp... Patrick is currently at Automatic Seafood in Birmingham, Alabama, while Jim cooks for SMO Table in Orlando, Florida - and while they serve seafood every day, find out new things they’ve learned at Chef Camp, including oyster shucking exploits and the people and age-old skills behind them.

Covid Challenges and Choice Questions. How does a restaurant make do without to-go boxes or key ingredients? Patrick and Jim give examples of improvising recipes and supplies during the pandemic, before Andy puts them to the test during the lightning round - where choosing between biscuits and cornbread may be harder than you think. 

After childhoods spent licking spoons in the family kitchen and being tricked into eating frog legs, Patrick and Jim have turned early memories into a lifelong pursuit of preparing top-notch seafood and passing on their craft to up-and-coming chefs. Check out today’s episode on our guest chefs’ humble beginnings and future goals, and stick with EATYALL for the upcoming seafood series finale from Chef Camp!

Today’s Guests 

Chef Jim Thomson -

Jim Thomson trained in Culinary Arts at Virginia College in Birmingham, Alabama, before working at Satterfield’s Restaurant, where Chef Patrick Horn took him under his wing. Serving as a sous chef, catering chef, and food consultant during his career, Jim is currently a chef at SMO Table, which provides personal chefs to prepare, cook, and serve meals for client events.


Chef Patrick Horn -

A graduate of Culinard Culinary School in Birmingham, Alabama, Patrick Horn held the positions of sous chef and executive chef at Satterfield’s Restaurant. While there, Patrick mentored Jim Thomson before accepting his current role at Automatic Seafood - an upscale casual dining experience in Birmingham. 

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