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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Oct 12, 2021

One hundred years ago, George Washington Carver saw what few others did at the time: the simple power of the peanut. Today, the little legume that could is used in hundreds of dishes - but its ability to enrich the soil with nitrogen between growing other crops make the peanut versatile and sustainable.

Those two words also describe the culinary approach of today’s guest Michael Marshall, Chef and Owner of 7 Myles Craft Dining in Fayetteville, GA. In this episode - the first in a two-part series - Andy and Michael talk sustainability and simplicity at 7 Myles and in the food industry, before paying a visit to Donald Chase at Chase Farms to discover the peanut’s many farm-to-table benefits.

The Great Georgia Peanut Adventure

7 Myles Craft Dining. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Chef Michael Marshall seized the chance to build a business that serves Michelin-quality food in your own home. Learn about his lifelong chef’s journey from Mississippi to California to Georgia, and how the name 7 Myles pays tribute to his father. 

Sustainability: Not Just A Trend. Michael explains the food industry’s shift back to using simpler, fresher ingredients, growing vegetables onsite and even breeding and releasing tuna eggs back into the ocean - all to sustain their food sources.

A Chef, A Farm, And A Peanut. As Andy says, peanuts are a bit like shrimp as Bubba describes them in Forrest Gump - they can be enjoyed in so many ways! But how do peanuts actually make it into a jar, a can, or a bag at baseball games? Andy takes Michael to Chase Farms to find out the tasty truth.

Chase Farms’ Peanut Process. Andy and Michael find 140 acres of peanut crops at Chase Farms, as Donald demonstrates firsthand how peanuts not only factor into the foods we love, but also fertilize the soil for other crops - a win-win!

The peanut is just one of many foods that introduce chefs and restaurant professionals to their local farms - but today’s episode is only half the story. Tune in today, and catch part 2 next week, as EATYALL gives you more great content on the food industry relationships that bring ethical, flavorful meals to the table.

Today’s Guests

Michael Marshall, 7 Myles Craft Dining -

Michael Marshall is the Chef and Owner of 7 Myles Craft Dining, a cooking service that serves 3-course meals for in-home dining and special events. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School For Performing Arts in Pasadena, California, Michael relishes putting a modern spin on old dishes - surprising customers and expanding their tastes with restaurant-caliber dining in their home or venue.

Donald Chase, Chase Farms

Donald Chase is the Owner of Chase Farms in Macon County, Georgia, working alongside his wife and parents. Their farm grows and harvests peanuts, poultry, corn, and more, with the Chase Farms Market offering fruits and vegetables to consumers each June-July.

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