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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Oct 5, 2021

What does a chef do with veal at a 5-star restaurant? Chef Marcus Daniel guides us through his veal-centric menu that leaves us mesmerized and satisfied. 

This episode is recorded live in Roanoke, Indiana at Joseph Decuis, a five star dining experience tucked away in this charming Indiana hamlet. We just finished a dinner of veal - three ways. I’d never had veal like this before, and put simply: it was epic. 

After touring Strauss Feeds and veal farms (managed by Midwest Veal, LLC) all day guided by Steve Anderson, president of Midwest Veal, LLC, Chef Marcus Daniel served us a mind-blowing veal dinner. 

Without giving away the show, you’ll be lured into listening when you hear that Chef Marcus made Veal Tartare, Veal Kofta Lettuce Wraps and a Veal Chop with root vegetables. You’ll hear us talk through each of the dishes. You’ll also learn why veal is a protein that is relevant, accessible and important for today’s restaurant menus, regardless of restaurant concept or menu format. Finally, you’re sure to be impressed by our audio tour of Joseph Decuis, an award-winning restaurant hiding in small town America. 

And of course, you don’t want to miss our Lightning Round where you’ll really get to know our guests. It’s one of our best yet! 

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