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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Jan 12, 2021

The uniquely sweet and buttery pecans are such a delight to binge on. But wait, what if I tell you that these can also help you keep away from a zillion diseases?

This week, Andy and Marianna visit the Lamar Pecan Farm in Hawkinsville, Georgia, and are joined in by RG Lamar (owner at Lamar Pecan Co. and President of Stuckey’s) and Chef Robbie Nicolaisen (Executive Chef at The Hound in Auburn, Alabama) to explore everything that connects with Georgia Grown pecans - harvest, storage and the industry as a whole.

Join them on the episode as they discuss the different sizes and varieties of Georgia Grown pecans and nutritional factors relating to the nut, how to cook them in a microwave, Stuckey’s famous Pecan Log Roll Beer, and all about managing the pecan farm in a fun learning tour!


  • Georgia Pecans taste a lot better when stored properly.
  • Learn how at the farm the dark-colored nut is stored properly without refrigeration even.
  • Know the nutritional advantages of pecans. The pecan is one of the best for a KETO diet!
  • Learn how to cook pecans in a microwave.
  • Know everything about the Pecan Log Roll Beer and how RG became the President of Stuckeys as he shares his background story with us.
  • International chefs are chomping at the bit to get these Georgia Grown pecans; learn why!
  • Sit back and enjoy another fun lightning round at EATYALL as the guests answer some quick and enjoyable questions from Andy!

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