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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Dec 22, 2020

Isn’t it fascinating to think of why the flavor of beef changes from farm to farm or region to region? Trust us when we say that it’s equally fascinating to get to know life at a beef farm. It’s quite a labor of love working tirelessly for 365 days a year! And when you learn the commitment a young future farmer shows towards the profession, who at age 10 is already working in the family business, learning the art and science of farming and showing 4-H animals, that’s when you see how the next generation is prepared for an eventual succession plan!

In Part 2 of the Kentucky Beef Farms tour, chefs Philip Cronin, Michael Kraft, and Spencer Searles turn guest hosts for our show! The mobile chef panel interviews the Chunglo family to hear how they’re building their beef cattle herd and what sorts of things they are doing to sustain and build their land. Listen in as Adam Chunglo, his wife Elizabeth, son Seth, daughter Emily and Katelyn Hawkins from the KY Beef Council share their knowledge of beef farming and their process of identifying and tagging each cow, while also recollecting their journey into beef farming, their finances then and now and a lot of interesting strategies they’ve devised over the years. Listen in to get unmatchable tips and tricks to scale better with beef farming!

Plus hear from the chefs while dining at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse to understand what they learned that will go back to the restaurant kitchen with them.


  • Know how the Chunglo family started their journey to take it to where it stands today- started with 3 pastures, now they own 12 and also practice rotational grazing of cattle.
  • Adam calls it a “superpower” for cows to be able to convert grass into meat- learn how he works towards keeping his cows fat and happy.
  • Learn more about the Sudan grass- the temperature and moisture conditions favoring its growth, how they show visible growth and prove to be good for the cattle.
  • Adam recollects one of his Easter memories with his grandmother- a fun “steak” experience you could look out for!
  • Young Seth Chunglo, their 10 year old son explains how they track their cows on the farm and tag them to look out for their year of birth and birth order!
  • Andy and Marianna go to downtown Lexington at the fabulous Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse where they visit the chefs over a steak dinner and recap their day touring two Kentucky Beef cattle operations - what they saw and learned there!
  • Our Chef hosts answer some fun and quick questions from Andy during the infamous EATYALL Lightning Round.

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