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EATYALL: Chefs Tell the Story of Farmers

Dec 15, 2020

At EATYALL, every episode is a gateway to better ingredients. This week, we are going to jump into a little different style format than last week. Join us as we walk around Sherwood Acres beef farm in LaGrange, Kentucky, visit the barn and dive into a fun experience knowing how Kentucky beef is raised. We’ll learn more about the Belted Galloway, a traditional Scottish breed of beef cattle, which came into the US back in the 50s.

We’re joined on the farm by Chefs Philip Cronin (chef at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Lexington, KY and co-owner of Kismet) with Chef Michael Krafft and Chef Spencer Searles as well as Jon Bednarski owner and farmer at Sherwood Acres and Katelyn Hawkins from the Kentucky Beef Council. The chefs learned you cannot put marbling on a carcass in a few months’ time. Energy and nutrition of the animals are definitely things you need to have a constant eye on for optimal marbling, flavor and nutrition! There are plenty of different things that need attention when working at a beef farm to keep the animals healthy and happy including monitoring of farm temperature and climate changes, grazing patterns of the animal and carcass quality. Listen in as we dive into the world of beef cattle, understand their needs and habits, while also taking a look at how the farmers work to bring us a better beef product despite changing market needs and value!

This episode of the EATYALL Podcast is made possible through a partnership with the Kentucky Beef Council, an organization working for the cattle producers of Kentucky in areas of promotion, education and research.


  • Get to know Farmer Jon Bednarski, his life and how he started off as a beef farmer. His dad was a meat cutter. He discusses how he could use the experience in the future.
  • Katelyn is all praise for Jon’s dedication towards the farm, saying, “Not all of them are as diligent and thoughtful.”
  • Know why Kentucky and its Extension programs are unique.
  • Learn how, at Sherwood Acres, they test, store and manage hay for optimal nutrition and succeed at generating very little waste!
  • Know how natural hot dogs are made! These don’t look pink, and that's because there's no color in there, no nitrates or nitrites. And it's the taste of beef.
  • Have you known how carcasses are valued by buyers? Get to know the process by tuning in to the complete episode!
  • Jon shares his opportunity to be at Oakland County Farmers Market, being able to talk to consumers about beef and getting to hear all of the stories good or bad that they see on social media or national TV and being able to answer those questions.
  • Jon answers some fun and quick questions from Andy during the infamous EATYALL Lightning Round.

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